Excelfood Pack Sdn Bhd (201501009502)(1134837-A)(Excelfood Pack)

Company Information

Excelfood Pack was incorporated in Malaysia in the year 2015. The Company is a subsidiary of Master-Pack Sdn Bhd and is presently located in Taman Nagasari, Prai, Penang. Excelfood Pack primarily business focuses on food packaging products made from paper. Currently the company manufactures paper bags, laminated hawker paper and laminated corrugated paper containers or sometimes referred to as paper lunch boxes.

Excelfood Pack mission is to be the largest food packaging provider in Malaysia with distribution partners in the South East Asia region. As the business is at infant stage, it seeks to establish reliable wholesale marketing distributors in various states in East and West Malaysia in order to retail to the mass food packaging industry.

The company has the right to manufacture the patented laminated corrugated paper containers / paper lunch boxes. The unique feature of this patented design of laminated corrugated paper containers is heat resistant i.e. the holder’s fingers is not singe whilst holding hot food or hot gravy placed inside the laminated corrugated container. This patented product is also oil and water resistant for a longer period of time compared to the normal paper lunch boxes.

All the company’s food packaging product is designed holistically, meeting market standard practice and government regulations i.e. environmentally friendly, beneficial and safe for users and communities throughout its life cycle.

We look forward to working with potential customers in building a business relationship. Our Sales team is ever ready to visit and listen to your needs. Please call or email your enquiry to :-

Mr. Ng Hock Chye
General Manager
Mobile H/P : +6012-4959191
Tel : +604-3841767
Fax : +604-3841767
Email : hcngxfp@master.net.my

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