Master-Pack Group Berhad (199401011341)(297020-W)
(Corporate Office / Invester Relation)
Dato’ Syed Mohamad Aidid Bin Syed Murtaza
Group Executive Chairman
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Packaging Division
Master-Pack Sdn Bhd.(198901007985)(185287-V) -Penang Office (West Malaysia)
Mr. Sim Poh Lai
Executive Director
Mobile h/p : +6012-4806257
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Fax : +604-5931552
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Master-Pack Sarawak Sdn Bhd (199101021121)(231432-P)-Kuching Office (East Malaysia)
Mr. Vincent Ting Kee Hoe
General Manager
Mobile h/p : +6012-8879330
Tel : +6082-339851
Fax : +6082-339815
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Excelfood Pack Sdn Bhd (201501009502)(1134837-A)
Mr. Ng Hock Chye
Mobile h/p : +6012-4959191
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Energy Division
Master-Pack Energy Sdn Bhd (200801009233)(810521-M)(Malaysia’s Exclusive Distributor)
Mr. Ang Fook Hin
Mobile h/p : +012-6748122
Tel : +0604-2266588 / +604-5931550
Fax : +0604-2266588 /+604-5939034
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Mr. Sim Poh Lai

Mr. Sim Poh Lai, age 61, a Malaysian, is the Executive Director to the Packaging Division of Master-Pack Group Berhad since 2001.

Mr. Sim's career in the packaging industry matures from over 43 years of expertise encompassing the full spectrum in corrugated carton manufacturing. He started as a designer and move on to sales where he was promoted to Sales Manager and subsequently to Marketing Manager in 1992 with the Hong Leong Group Malaysia packaging division. In 1995, Mr. Sim was transferred to Guolene Paper Products (Kuching) Sdn Bhd as Operations Manager and was again promoted to General Manager in 1997.

Master-Pack Group Berhad then known as Hunza Consolidation Berhad purchased Goulene Paper Products (Kuching) Sdn. Bhd. in the year 2000 in which Mr. Sim services as General Manager was retained.

Under his capable leadership Master-Pack Sdn. Bhd. and Master-Pack Sarawak Sdn. Bhd. have won many awards and recognition such Federation Malaysian Manufacturers Silver Award 2015, Best Supplier Award globally for its palletized shipping container, Best Vendor Award for Achieving Quality, Cost & Delivery Targets. In addition, Master-Pack Sdn. Bhd. also holds the trade mark for "Quadwall" and patents in various countries for the "Quadruple-wall Corrugated Paperboard and Method of Manufacture".
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