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Energy saving and environmental saving
The amount of fuel saving is dependent on engine size, engine age, accumulated mileage, road conditions, driver behaviours and regular up keep.

Engine detergency
All commercial fuels generate carbon deposits in the injectors’ head, intake valves and combustion chambers reducing the combustion efficiency over the years. Maz removes and keeps out these carbon deposits. More importantly, through its higher combustion efficiency, these carbon deposits are burnt into powdery form making them easier to be removed from the engine parts.

Reduce exhaust emissions
Due to Maz’s proprietary blend, exhaust emissions reduction have been reported, unburnt Hydrocarbons (HC) Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx) emissions have been reduced drastically.

Restores engines performance
Maz helps restore lost power and acceleration caused by deposit build up. Maz cleans fuel injectors, intake ports, manifolds, valves and combustion chamber. A cleaner fuel system is more responsive than one that is chocked up with deposits. Users also report extra power behind the wheels. The exhaust emission is also cleaner. The engine noise lower.

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