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The Key Characteristics of Maz Products.

Maz technology is an internationally patented chemical blend using nitroparaffin based concentrate to mix with fuel to achieve more complete burn for higher fuel performance and efficiency. The key characteristics are:

Oxygen intensive: nitroparaffin based concentrate is highly oxygen intensive when treated in fuel, it will help increase the oxygen content of the treated fuel.

Faster burning speed and higher flame: nitroparaffin based concentrate increases the burning speed and also the flame height helping the fuel to release its energy.

Improved atomization: effective detergency quality of Maz helps to improve fuel atomization (see photo 1) to maintain even spray pattern.

Vaporization quality: Maz reduces micron size of the fuel vapour at the same time increases the heat of vaporization giving better effect on cooling the intake mixture.

Lubricating film: burning Maz treated fuel over time or distance will create a thin film of oil in the wall of the cylinders.
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