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A summary of Real World Test Results by Fleet Operators
Fleet operators who have worked jointly to do on site testing reports a more focused fuel efficiency of their operation resulting in profitable fuel efficiency results as shown in the table below.
+ Improved and sustained fuel economy
# Sustained saving 3% to 8%
National Automotive Technologies & Resarch Centre, TianJing, PRC
Baseline Fuel : #90 Hight Olefin Gasoline
Comparative data with and without MAZ 100
Fuel Measurement Standard: GB/T 12545.1-2001 (Similiar to FTP 75)
Summary Results
+ Lower carbon deposits
# M111 Test Results: IVD 10mg/valve
Test conducted by China Standardization Association for Automobile Maintainance
3 tyoes of test fuels: 32.8% olefin RON 90 gasoline
15.3% olefin RON 93 gasoline
23.7% olefin RON 93 gasoline
After treating with MAZ 100, carbon deposit reduced by 90%
M111 Study done by Sinopec using RON 93 + MAZ 100, the average Intake Valve deposit is 10mg/valve
Endoscope Picture of Honda Accord 2.4L combustion chamber using RON 97 for 193,960km, compared with those pictures after running 5,100km using RON 90 treated with MAZ 10
+ Cleaner exhaust emissions
# HC: -20%, CO: -10%, NOx: -8%
Road Trial Conducted by Technical Centre, Lanzhou Refinery, PRC
Comparative Data between RON 90 & RON 93
Hua Nan Technology University, Guangzhou, PRC
CA488-1 Automobile Engine Bench Test
Comparative Data between baseline fuels:
: RON 90 gasoline fuel (29.3% olefin content)
: RON 90 gasoline fuel (45% olefin content)
And baseline fuels + MAZ 100 at GB/T 18297-2001 and GB/T 14762-93 test standards adopted
+ No engine "knocks" in high compression ratio engine
using generic gasoline
Evaluation Studies conducted by Assoc Prof Chan Siew Hwa, Nanyang Technology University, Singapore.
The test bed consists of a fully instructed Ford MVH 418 electronic fuel injection engine mounted on a eddy-current dynamometer, systems controllers and data acquisition systems.
The fuel injection pulse and the ignition timing are electronically controlled by the EMS giving more accurate control measurement of fuel economy, emission and torque.
- RON 92 + MAZ 100 gave improvement by 4% to 6% over RON 98
Specific Fuel Consumption
- RON 92 + MAZ 100 consumed less fuel than RON 98
- CO: RON 92 + MAZ 100 reduced more CO than RON 98
HC: RON 92 + MAZ 100 emitted slightly more HC than RON 98
No audible and detectable engine knocks were evident from the analysis of in-sylinder pressure measurement. In fact, engine run smoothly with MAZ 100 additive.
The exhaust gas temperatires are all lower with MAZ 100 additive
+ "No harm effect" on engine systems
The longer you use Maz, the better will be the results. Maz delivers sustained fuel efficiency to improve profitability to your business operations

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