Master-Pack Group Berhad


Group Berhad (199401011341) (297020-W)

Vision & Mission Statement

Vision And Mission

Our vision is to be the “Preferred Total Packaging Solutions Provider”. Our mission statement is “We are in the Business of Providing Total Packaging Solutions in Partnership with Our Customers”.

The vision and mission are communicated internally through various mechanisms within the company such as the employee handbook to all employees within the Group.

Core Values

practices customer centric, earmarking on the Pareto Principle 80-20 rule. We specialize in customized packaging and as such we attend to customers and work closely to understand the pertinent needs to that customer, wherever possible, in order to innovate packaging best suited for each individual customer. We are a customer focused company as evidenced by our total concentration in one area of industry that is customized packaging solution for our customers. We do not sell retail products to public customers. As such our website only state details where each of our companies may be contacted.


Our strength lies in being professionally knowledgeable in many aspects of the business such as in design, in suitable materials and reengineering. We are one of the pioneers to obtain accreditation for ISO 14001:2004 Environment Management System signifying our commitment in doing what we think is ethically right from the start. We serve domestic and international customers adhering to high standards, conditions and structures demanded by multi-national customers.


The Company take cognizance that the strength and the well-being of its employees are of utmost importance. As such, it embraces that cross diversity can help a company to galvanize the multi-faceted mix of age, gender, race and thus has created a harmonious conducive industrial climate to garner the strength of its diverse workforce by providing fair and equitable employment terms and opportunities. Towards this end, the Company tries to inculcate a good and enjoyable work environment whilst embedding adequate measures on operational and safety procedures. The Company involves all level of employees in organizing major events i.e. company annual dinners to inculcate a culture of inclusiveness which encourages employees to mingle freely and cohesively to nurture team spirit and synergy. As part of “work life benefits” provided by the group, employees are allowed two days paternity leave per year up to the fifth child and a maximum of six days exam leave for those motivated to gain professional qualifications. Two days compassionate leave is also provided for bereavement on the demise of the spouse, parent, grandparent, brother, sister or child of the employee including in-law.


It is our core value that we serve the best interests of all parties who are concerned with and have interest in Master-Pack’s continuous growth of business and well-being. We are focused on serving the interests of our shareholders who are after all, the owners of the company. Our shareholders are primarily interested in the return of their investments in terms of Master-Pack’s profitability or dividends distributed. In a nutshell, our shareholders are interested in us, maximizing their shareholders value whilst the other stakeholders are very interested in the total well-being of our company.


The Company believes in interacting with the community in which it operates its business. It has been our practice and our corporate social responsibility of offering people living around us the first right of refusal to work for our production facilities. We also offer people around us part time jobs when available. We provide Industrial Training Program and hence accept under-graduates from colleges and universities to gain hands-on experience in selected fields of study related to packaging business.