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Sustainability Policy Statement

Master-Pack Group Berhad Sustainability Policy Statement

The Master-Pack Group Berhad (“MPG”) Sustainability Statement explicitly provides a framework for sustainable and responsible operations, activities and practices throughout the MPG Group of Companies (“the Group”; “we”). The Group aims to foster a corporate culture that live by sustainable values and principles, which are our primary concerns.

We believe that sustainability is the capacity to endure. Sustainability is basically the potential for long-term sustaining of well-being which has ecological, economic, political and cultural dimensions. Sustainability therefore requires the reconciliation of environmental, social equity and economic demands. Healthy ecosystems and nourishing environments are in our view, necessary to the survival and flourishing of human and other organisms. 

Implicitly we subscribe to the fundamental idea  that we organize and execute our total business operations in a way that meet our present needs while mindful of providing for the needs of the future and the future generations. Sustainability for the MPG Group is not necessarily  an  end state, but more of continuing process of improvement, a continual attempt to achieve the ideals of ethical business with strong acts and practices aimed to achieve sustainability.

Our Understanding

Sustainability ideas interface with economics through the social and environmental, consequences of economic   activity.  Sustainability economics hence, involve   ecological economics where social aspects including cultural health related and monetary / financial aspects are integrated.   In simple terms, in our scheme of activities, our corporate sustainability consists of Business Sustainability (economic and financial matters); Environmental Sustainability and Social Responsibility, all of which the management of MPG at all levels relentlessly follow.

In practical terms therefore sustainability for us is the ability to continuously commit and maintain our business financially, socially and environmentally.

We strongly subscribe to the corporate sustainability ideas because we want to remain as a business entity that is ethical as well as environmentally and socially responsible. We believe there is value in all of these, and we strive to maintain to be a business that is reputed to have all of these values as our business imperatives. In achieving the same, we acknowledge our crucial role in aiding the nation to become more sustainable by reducing the environmental and social impacts and risks through improved management practices, support for stakeholders and efficient use of natural resources.

Managing Corporate Sustainability

We are also committed to continue to improve our environmental and social sustainability performance. We consistently therefore focus our integrated approach towards sustainability according to a practical  framework, delivering a robust sustainability management mechanism within our MPG Group:-

Our Sustainability Goals: Building a Long-Term Sustainable Business
Strategic Pillars of our Sustainability Model:  
  • Protection against environment degradation
  • Responsible & Ethical Business Practices
  • Training & Enhancing Skills of Our People
  • Community Development
Sustainability Focus Areas:  
  • Environmental and Process Management;
  • Sustainable Supply Chain;
  • Well-being of our employees;
  • Community Assistance.
Our Sustainability Enablers:
  • Organisation;
  • People;
  • Process.
  • Performance Indicators

Enabling & Practical Sustainability

At the Board level, issues, strategic directions and activities pertaining to the Group’s corporate sustainability directives are discussed; actions and activities outlined; and enabling budgets are approved. We practice transparency in our management and aim to understand the organisation’s performance. Hence, decisions pertaining to sustainability programmes are crystallized and communicated to all levels of Management for execution, and incorporation into the daily tasks of our employees.

At the Management level the Sustainability Strategy Directives from the Board are discussed and aligned to the Group Corporate Strategy and initiatives are taken to execute various focused measures and prioritized areas thought to be relevant in achieving and enhancing the Group Corporate Sustainability Strategy.

In determining the Sustainability Focused Areas all sustainability issues viewed as relevant to the Group as a whole, are systematically assessed by our various functional managers so as to avoid missing out on any relevant and critical sustainability issues.

Packaging Ideas in Practical Sustainable Development

Practical packaging policy guidelines adopted incorporating sustainability elements of economic, environment, social and governance are as follows:-

  • We strive to have our packaging designed holistically with the product of our clients in order to optimize overall environmental performance; using clean production technologies and best practices; optimizing raw materials and energy;
  • We ensure that our packaging be made from responsibly sourced materials;
  • Such packaging that we produce would be designed to be effective, beneficial and safe (for users and communities) throughout its life cycle and where possible, aims at reducing the weight and volume of packaging;
  • We earnestly work to ensure our packaging meet market criteria for performance and cost;
  • We spare no effort to qualitatively meet our consumer’s choices and expectations with our packaging;
  • And we attempt to optimize or recover efficiently the packaging after use, for reuse or recycling where possible.

Engaging Our Stakeholders for Sustainability

Our sustainability practices get more apparent in the ways we engage with our various stakeholders for whom sustainability is equally important. We are interested in the sustainability practices of our stakeholders just as they are also interested in ours.

Employees and Customers:

These two stakeholders are critically important to our MPG group business. Hence their role, responsibilities and nature in our corporate sustainability scheme matter a great deal. They are part of the society we operate in and their development is crucial to the Group. We ensure that Laws, Rules and Regulations and related Legal Requirements are observed by these two stakeholders. For example we would ensure that there is respect for Basic Human Rights of individuals and where possible, flexible working hours.

We would insist that there is total prohibition of Child Labour; there is adequate and satisfactory maintenance of Health and Safety of Workers; and there are adequate Environmental Protection initiatives observed.

Suppliers and Government:

We would choose suppliers who observe good business ethics as well as accountability and disclosure. We ensure that they observe basic human rights and quality working environment and good working conditions for their employees. We would also want our suppliers to be in compliance with Government regulatory measures and observe Government guidelines on social and environmental impacts.

The Environment and Community at Large:

The Group is very conscious of the need to contribute to the Community at large and ensure the prevention of environmental degradation. In the first place, our production facilities are located in an area fringing an agricultural and semi-rural area. This makes us mindful of pollution control and preserving the pristine conditions of the area we operate in.

As our location is almost among low-income people, we are aware of our social responsibility of offering people around us the first right of refusal to work for our production facilities. We offer people around us part time jobs when available and donate to the community services that benefit the local community surrounding us. 

By and large, as a company we work for all of our shareholders and stakeholders observing measures we believe that contribute to our corporate sustainability in the long run.